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tree collision

  1. K

    Noob mistake resulting in crash

    With only 10 flights under my belt, I stupidly set the home point under a hemlock tree. During take off I even had to maneuver around the overhead branch which was about 40' high (should've been my first clue). After a short flight I hit RTH, while it was descending I realized what was about to...
  2. E90RAW


    Ok, I just have to vent. I crashed my M2Z last night. I was out with my M2P and the M2Z and it was getting dark. One last run is what I said to myself. Then, over the trees (I thought) and BAAM! Flight log stated "YOUR AN IDIOT!!" The rear arm broke off, et cetera. Like one of my kids getting...
  3. FLPilotshark

    Had a Collision w/ my Mavic Air~ and would like your thoughts?

    I own a Mavic Air ! When I was flying my Mavic Air drone I had a collision with a tree branch right by my house in front of my yard! After the collision The Drone back two lamp covers popped off. On the Spark you can replace them but I guess on the Dji Mavic Air you can't - PLEASE CONFRIM...
  4. Cookedinlh

    Search and Rescue - Mavic Search but unable to Rescue.

    Not sure how long this little guy has been HUNG UP! . . but it looks fresh . . I was called by a neighbour today and took this with my trusty Mavic. Really hidden in the branches and can't believe how wedged it is. It was difficult just maneuvering around the thick branches to get this pic but...
  5. B

    Mavic Pro saved by crane

    I backed my MP into a treetop about 88 feet off the ground while getting in position for a picture. I could see with binoculars that it was in good condition....just really stuck up there. After pondering what to do for four days, and with a rainstorm coming, I finally called my neighborhood...
  6. GoodGuy

    Oops - Close Call!

    Close call this morning - and a good reminder to keep my eyes on my drone! Looks like the Mavic is pretty robust though...
  7. RidgeLink

    MP DJI prop guards

    Being that I have had a few incidents with trees jumping front of me I decided I could help prevent further prop damage by installing a new set of DJI prop guards. Went good for a while but had another incident yesterday. The good thing is that I did not damage my props, but my prop guard...