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Had a Collision w/ my Mavic Air~ and would like your thoughts?


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Sep 18, 2018
Madeira Beach, FL
I own a Mavic Air ! When I was flying my Mavic Air drone I had a collision with a tree branch right by my house in front of my yard! After the collision The Drone back two lamp covers popped off. On the Spark you can replace them but I guess on the Dji Mavic Air you can't - PLEASE CONFRIM??? Dji wants me to send the entire drone in to be looked at since it was in a collision and I don't blame them.. Another quick question I had, is about there DJI Care Refresh + package and should I consider using one of my replacements since i get two replace up to 2 drones in 1 yr .. I want everyone to take a look at the two plastics pease that just clip on , they just fell off at the collision site. The drone works perfectly fine and take pixs and 4K vid, etc etc.. The propellers were not even bent, so it was not a big impact at all. Just missing these two piece under the back two arms. What are your thoughts about finding these parts or should I send in my drone for a replacement under the Dji DJI Care Refresh + package? The third and the last attachment is what the part i need..


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I ended up going with the Dji Mavic Air Rear Left Arm and the Dji Mavic Air Rear Right arm and will just pop off the pieace I need.. What a shame the Dji does not sell these parts. They could no t even give me a part number for the replacement. Anyways, I don't need the entire arm, just the Landing leg that snaps in and out~
I called Cloud City Drones who is a authorized distributor and Jason there Technician recommended that I just go with the full arms for the rear of the drone. Instead of using up on my Dji Refresh Plus pkg...

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 11.00.11 AM.png
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I think he paid full price for both the rear legs just for the caps..

Yes, I had to buy the arms separate and they were $31.00ea for the pair since Dji or no one on ebay makes them...
No worries, I have recently upgraded to the Dji Mavic Pro :)
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