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mavic air accident

  1. J

    Lost controls of Mavic Air while mid air

    Dear community, I guess I can hit the queue of devastated Mavic air owners. 23-12-18 I treated myself on a Mavic Air combo pack for Christmas after saving up for a year. Today was my second actual day of using it. We hit the beach to record some fun footage. I calibrated the drone per usual...
  2. FLPilotshark

    Had a Collision w/ my Mavic Air~ and would like your thoughts?

    I own a Mavic Air ! When I was flying my Mavic Air drone I had a collision with a tree branch right by my house in front of my yard! After the collision The Drone back two lamp covers popped off. On the Spark you can replace them but I guess on the Dji Mavic Air you can't - PLEASE CONFRIM...
  3. E

    Sensor Scratched!!

    Hello Pilots! Today I flew my Air for the 3rd time and turned on the Sport mode. I didn’t know the sensors turns off while in Sport mode. Eventually my drone crashed into a cable in an open field (no idea where that cable from!) and dropped into sand and grass. I cleaned the drone thoroughly...
  4. G

    Mavic Air Crash - never forget to unfold the antennas...