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    Mavic Pro (Series 1) propellor modification

    Hi All, I have a Mavic Pro series 1. I bought some low noise propellers(Platinum) for it. After about 10 flights I noticed that the tip was bent down. Probably from storage and still having a hot heat exchanger under the quad. I had watched a youtube video years ago from rcmodelreview about...
  2. S

    Prop efficiency

    Hi, After flying some Bebop power, I switched to a MPP. What a relief. I searched the forum on some weird things i encountered. Since I did a lot on flying and developing RC gliders the propellor on the MPP stroke me as a bit weird. Normally you want the leading edge on a wing smooth and...
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    Brand New Mavic Replacement - IMU and Compass - Propellors

    So i recently finally received my replacement Mavic after it was sent with a damage gimbal. It took almost a month for them to replace it okay about 3 weeks ..... and after calling customer service multiple times every other day i finally talked to a manager and was on a two day shipping list so...
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    Pre-flight inspection of propellors? Propellor Longevity?

    Got a spare pair of propellors with the Mavic and got two more pairs with a 2-battery accessory pack. Now having all these spare propellors got me wondering: How long are these Mavic propellors expected to last under normal use, and should I be looking to occasionally replace the propellors as a...