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  1. D

    New Improved Gimbal Gaurd

    I did a search and didn't find anyone talking about this, so I thought I would share it. I ordered one of these from Drone Valley for my Mavic pro, and its way better than the included gimbal guard. Super easy to install with one hand even, and it seems stronger and should hold up better in...
  2. P

    Image white mark

    Hi, i have bought a mavic four days ago and i have a problem with the image. i have a white mark in the image when i set the camera cover. Whithout it the mark isn't in the image. It's anormal or a bad settings ? What do you think ? The red image is a picture taken with the cover protect. Thanks...
  3. R

    Fly More Bag and Battery storage while out and about

    Hey guys. I'm wondering how you handle extra batteries (in my case 2 from the fly more combo) when out with your Mavic. As you know, the Fly More Combo includes a bag, and i really like it! But once the controller and unit itself are tucked in there, the two additional batteries don't really fit...
  4. Mavicao

    Mavic Pro Armor

    Hi! Has anyone tried this thing? Do you think it'll offer protection in case of a crash or is it just a gimmick?
  5. R

    Propeller guard alternative

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced propeller guard that extends to the side of the propellers as well, not just below? Besides the propeller cage, which is ridiculously expensive. Thanks!
  6. RobertD

    Don't drop your controller!

    Pretty obvious, but be careful with your Mavic Pro controller. I was using a neck strap connected to a aftermarket device placed between the phone and controller. I usually keep my hands on the controller at all times, but this time I bent down to replace the Mavic battery and the controller...
  7. A

    Amazon carry bag

    Hi everyone, I've just received the DSLR bag from Amazon prime for £18.99 and it's great! Everything fits perfectly and there's extra room for a few spare batteries (when I receive them. The bag has a well padded soft lining, isn't too big and is a fraction of the price of the DJI bag...