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  1. M

    Filters and Gimbal Protector-Issues

    I have a set of Sunnylife filters for my Mavic Air. I was able to remove the ring and replace it with a filter. Unfortunately, I’ve found that you can’t put the gimbal protector on, with a filter in place. The filter is 2 mm taller than protective ring (see below). When you put the cover on the...
  2. Gaz Mc

    Spec Me...ipad mini 4 screen protector

    any recommendations for a screen protector for my ipad mini 4 ive got one just a cheap one but the glare is hideous even with a pgytech screen on all i can see is my chubby mush pref availble in the uk plz
  3. Improved Gimbal Clamp + Protector, similar to Teenitor?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to purchase a more versatile and user-friendly replacement for the gimbal clamp and protector. I came across the Teenitor clamp/protector and it looks perfect as it is a single unit that replaces the two seperate clamp/protector that comes stock. Only issue is that...