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ptgui pro

  1. psale

    Wanted: Mavic Air panorama footage to stitch into panorama

    I think the Mavic Air is the drone for me. However, I would like to attempt to stitch together images from someone's Mavic Air into a panorama using PTGui. Could anyone send me some test images to play with?
  2. DodgeP

    360 Pano with Litichi (HELP)

    Hi, I've tried unsuccessfully to create a 360 Pano with the photos taken by Litchi and I'm looking for some help. I've tried with my Mavic, my Inspire 1 and my Osmo. I'm a MAC user so I can't use ICE, I'm not running parallels. I've tried Panoweaver, PTGUI, Hugin and Panotour. Whenever I...
  3. MaineRC

    My first Mavic Panoramic in Portrait mode with Mavic Pro and PTGui

    Taken today in portrait mode in raw and stitched together using PT gui.Midcoast Maine