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  1. Ebonicus

    Some beginner mavicpro pics

    Hi all, Here are some shots I took. I shot these in white balance sunlight, iso 100, dlog mode. ND8 filters. For the photo settings I use +1 sharpness, -1 contrast, and -1 saturation on the mavic. I used my samsungs7 edge photo editor to bring back saturation and contrast. Hope you enjoy these.
  2. Ebonicus

    Hello Pilots!

    Hi All, I'm new, from Central CA. Love my mavic, I am a perpetual beginner aerial photographer, wanna-be video making geek dude. I have 1000 hours flying racers, toys, and quad sims. Here's one my my recent shots: Also, I build apps for fun. Actually I built the Quadriem flight app for...