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  1. F

    RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW

    Hi I have the new DJI racing googles and am looking at the RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW. Would this be compatible with the goggles and if so, would I need to purchase an antenna and set that up. Any help would sure be appreciated as I'm very new at this. Please pardon my spelling...
  2. Surf Rescue SLSGB IRB Championships 2017

    Surf Rescue SLSGB IRB Championships 2017

    ***** This is a short film of the SLSGB IRB Surf Rescue Championships held in Exmouth in September 2017 race only short films will be released soon so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out! *****
  3. A

    Abandoned Nascar Superspeedway - 4K

    I droned the Nashville Superspeedway months ago because a friend told me I should. I wasn't expecting much from the video, but it's had quite a positive turnout so I wanted to ask you: What are some cool, unknown places around you that'd you'd like to see aerial video of? Please feel free to...
  4. k idea

    DronePrix AR

    Fascinated by this racing app using DJI drones. It's so hard to control and complete the course. Worth trying it out for some fun. Watch the preview in the video (added epic GOT music to make it interesting).

    Anyone headed to CES?

    If so, you should check out the Vuzix race, think it's the only race @ CES. Lot's going on there! More info here: CES Vuzix Drone Racing Cup – January 5-8 2017 -- they'll be livestreaming all the races, interviews with pilots, etc. Or if anyone wants to come by our booth, we'll be in the...
  6. APD FPV

    APD FPV.. 2nd Largest Drone Racing Chapter in the US!!

    When in Denver..... Come fly with us. APD FPV has over 183 members that enjoy flying and racing all types of RC.. We fly almost every weekend thru out the year... For more information please check out our chapter here: MultiGP - Chapters - Aurora/Parker/Denver FPV Rotorcross