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rc cable

  1. D

    Which Cable?

    Random question, hoping someone knows. DJI Mavic Pro (yes, the old one). Want to connect it to an external monitor (Andycine A6 Plus V2). What cable do I need to go from the rc to the screen? Something hdmi, im guessing? Thanks, Dragonfyr
  2. Prmath

    Fly with the cable......

    turning off WI-FI and using a cable connection from RC to the tablet or phone..... Is this really possible ?
  3. N

    Charger and Controller Questions

    Hi, I'm completely new to drones and have a Mavic Pro coming in the mail, so I want to get some answers to prepare everything and be up and learning to fly ASAP. I bought it used, and it didn't come with the AC cable for the charger, so I figured I'd go all out and buy the Phantom 4 charger+AC...
  4. B

    iPhone won't connect to Mavic. Help!

    New here and in need of some help... I bought my Mavic Pro drone three days ago. After multiple attempts by both myself and a more experienced friend, I still have not managed to get my iPhone/DJI Go App to connect to my drone. Have not be able to connect OR get a camera feed. Current status +...
  5. junyong

    Mavic Pro RC Cable Swap

    Post deleted.