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rc no response

  1. J

    First Crash! (OMG my precious mavic turn into mavic kamikaze into moving traffic)

    The steps towards my first crash. horrible 23 of my piloting experience. 1. someone in the car with me really irritates me I was soaked in his negative energy lol 2.Thus I pull over on the side of the road in the national park forest, very little to no car, 2-way traffic. (I need to set...
  2. Calhoun Ranger

    How can such a brilliantly designed tool become such a pain in the butt

    I have flown my Mavic many times, with the only problem being the occasional flameout of the GO4 app. Today was different. I noticed a slight drift in the yaw, so I decided to perform an RC calibration. Just to make sure I was taking the right steps, I watched the DJI "how-to" video on...