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  1. T

    Read Logs from RC

    I downloaded 26 log files from the RC of my mavic (no logs available from the app). The drone is lost, I'm trying to decrypt the last position from these files but I don't know how. Someone can help me?
  2. B

    Be honest have you read the Dji Mavic owners manual from cover to cover?

    Until today I have to admit I saw a ton of youtube video's and skimmed to mavic owners manual To figure out a few issures but I never did a cover to cover read until today. It's funny how it happened. The lights went out and it got cold in the house so I got in bed with My Samsung tablet and...
  3. UAV Man

    Global rules and guideline article

    Great article from 'GEOSPATIAL'. They've tried to cover all areas on the world. Worth a read: The present scenario of global drone regulations and laws