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  1. Partizans

    Double-dropper for M2ED or M2E

    Anyone have suggestions for a double-dropper compatible with M2ED or M2E ? Many/most/all of the double-droppers for M2 / M2P aren't compatible because the Enterprise has an accessory connector on top that conflicts. A couple of years ago, I seem to recall a double-dropper was marketed for the...
  2. cgmaxed

    Drone DJ Source says Mavic 3 to be Released January 2022 at the earliest or by end of Q1. Here are some excerpts from their source, If you don't want to read the whole article: ....there will *not* be a zoom model. The sensor is micro 4/3 but development has been problematic (on the Hasselblad side)...
  3. E

    Cheap Low-Noise Props

    Just about when I was getting a 2 set of low noise props from DJI website, I noticed the shipping to my country (Portugal) was more expensive than the blades themselves (20€ for the blades + 28€ shipping). I then searched for alternatives and found these Original Props: Original DJI Mavic...
  4. Visionory

    Leaked Photos and.. of Inspire 2 to be released today

    It seems DJI is about to announce the next generation of the Inspire drone-DJI Inspire 2in November 2016, and the DJI Inspire 2 real shot photo leaked, look here Control / Create Others Leaks About DJI Inspire 2 The recent FCC documentation confirms the arrival of an Inspire 2. Page 9 of the...