Leaked Photos and.. of Inspire 2 to be released today

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    It seems DJI is about to announce the next generation of the Inspire drone-DJI Inspire 2in November 2016, and the DJI Inspire 2 real shot photo leaked, look here Control / Create


    Others Leaks About DJI Inspire 2

    The recent FCC documentation confirms the arrival of an Inspire 2. Page 9 of the FCC Test Report clearly mentions the use of an “Inspire 2 Charger/Charging Hub” on its Support Equipment List used to charge the new Inspire 2 Remote Control.


    DJI Inspire 2 Charger Hub mentioned in FCC Test Report

    Remote Control for the DJI Inspire 2 – GL6D10A leaked

    On Oct. 6th, DJI filed for an FCC ID Application for a new Remote Control with the FCC ID GL6D10A. Since the Inspire 1 FCC ID is GL658 we are fairly certain this will be the remote control for the much anticipated DJI Inspire 2. An FCC ID is a required piece of identification required for all hardware devices being sold in the United States. Each unique identifier assigned to a device has to be registered with the United States Federal Communications Commission. Before the product can be sold, the manufacturer has to have the device evaluated by an independent lab to ensure it conforms to FCC standards.

    Further details on the GL6D10A Remote Control state that it has an input voltage of DC7.4V from its lithium battery, same as the Inspire 1 RC.


    Location of the FCC sticker on the Inspire 2 Remote Control

    Comparing the Inspire 2 GL6D10A Remote Control to the Inspire 1 GL658 Remote Control:

    If we compare the FCC ID label images from the Inspire 2 to the Inspire 1 we can see that the remote control is practically identical from the bottom.

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    Looks smaller than the Inspire 1.
    I guess "small" is the new thing.
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    I wonder if there will be a shortage for this one?
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