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  1. FlightGalore

    First Flight!

    I just took my Mavic 3 Pro out for its (and my) maiden flight. It was great fun but there is much I need to learn to become proficient. As an experienced amateur photographer, I want to be able to use the drone's perspective to add a new dimension to my hobby. That and video too! I am impressed...
  2. K

    Mini 2, mini 3 or 3 pro?

    Hi. I'm new here and to drones altogether. I'm a photographer and I'm thinking about getting a drone for photography (I'm not interested in videos). Should I spend more and buy mini 3pro or will mini 3 (or even mini 2?) be sufficient? Please help, I'm torn.
  3. C

    ICM and long exposure

    I'm working with long exposure and intentional camera movement. Zoom effects are easy but I can't get my M2P to spin during an exposure. So far it locks orientation, which makes sense if you only want sharp images. Does anyone know how to get the M2P to expose during rotational flight?
  4. cknipp

    Best settings to photograph people with Air2S

    Hello folks! This may seem like a silly question, but what are the best settings to photograph people with your drone, Air2S specifically. I use the auto bracketing mode most of the time for landscape photography. I find it does not work best with people because when merging photos they almost...
  5. Henchula

    Mini 3 A few photos from this week + One video edit.

    Hi there, Here are a few photos + one video edit from this past week. Have a great weekend.
  6. Henchula

    Mini 3 A few From Today and the past weeks.

    I've never posted here my videos nor my photos, so if I do anything wrong, let me know. This one, are some footage from "practice" I want to delete so I made this for YouTube so at least I'll have them there - As well as a few photos from the past week - Have a great weekend everybody.
  7. zeNitro

    Mini 2 Latest picture of mine

    Image is shot on dji mini 2 raw. And edited in lightroom.
  8. D

    Mini Follow Me On Instagram

    Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  9. RayKelly

    The 2nd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL

    Make your plans now to join us at The 2nd South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL on Saturday, April 2, 2022. It will be another awesome event and it's FREE. See our FB group and event page for more info.
  10. mikey201

    Pro Mavic Pro Photos Resolution is too low to Print

    so i dont know if anyone has heard the site but you basically set up your own print shop.. now all the photos i put up there with my camera i can put at any size. 5x7 all the way up to 30 x 40. when i try to put a photo ive taken with my mavic on there the only size i can put is...
  11. S

    How do you deal with repeating filenames with panos?

    I got a Mini 2 about a two weeks ago and I am loving it. There is one aspect so far that has really been an issue for me and that is DJI's file naming convention. I'm getting repeated filenames between the 100MEDIA folder and the PANORAMA folder. I have googled and dug through menus but so far...
  12. S

    Hello from Worthing, United Kingdom

    Very new to all of this so thought these forums would be a great way to get some tips and advice. I live on the South Coast of the UK in a town named Worthing. I've been heavily getting back into photography and thought the drone route would be a great extension to what I'm already shooting. I...
  13. 2

    Mini Winners Of The First Annual Aerial Photography Awards
  14. Sunset Tree Timelapse

    Sunset Tree Timelapse

    This is a short timelapse of the sun setting behind a tree. (Removed by moderator)
  15. The Ocean From A New Perspective

    The Ocean From A New Perspective

    Some clips that I took from the ocean with my drone. There are many cool shots including some of a small island and the waves crashing. Enjoy!
  16. N

    Color space Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey guys! I bought the Mavic 2 Pro a while ago, and part of the reason I chose that drone was the camera quality, being a bit of a photographer. I'm really happy with the drone, I'm having a blast, and the photo quality is amazing. There's just one thing I've been wondering: what color space is...
  17. Drumsagard

    Tantallon Castle, East Lothian, Scotland

    A short film from my trip to Oxroad Bay in East Lothian on Saturday. I was there to photograph & film Tantallon Castle just after sunrise and I couldn’t have picked a better morning for it as the early light was stunning.
  18. madrover

    Florida Sunset

    Practicing with M2P. Was able to grab this shot before it started raining... Typical Florida weather.
  19. shutterguy

    Non-Drone Photography Thread

    Hey all, wanted to see if we could get a photography thread going that was for sharing photos not taken by a drone. If you have some shots you love that you have taken with your cell phone or camera please share them. I will ask that if they are portraits please keep them SFW (Safe For Work, non...
  20. AbUAVdC

    DSLR or Gimbal Camera?

    I dreamed once on having one DSLR, I changed my mind when I owned a Mavic Pro!