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  1. Z

    Help please! Antenna Install

    Hi guys but of help if you wouldn’t mind. I brought a better antenna for my pro V1 and when I installed the new cables it all went fine until I put it back together the 5d button (on the board) had moved down slightly as though the new bolts with the wires going through them had pushed...
  2. H

    Good morning, all! New member here, and new to UAV Missions

    I currently have a Mini2, and for the past few months have only used the dji Fly app. Getting set up with Litchi at this moment, and I must say, I am excited! This looks to be a potential game changer. I live in north Florida, in the deep woods, and a lot of the north Florida area has limits on...
  3. D

    Hey there from Southwest Germany - Air2s / Mini2

    Hey guys, best regards from the rhinevalley in southern Germany. I'm 36 years old and startet flying with my Spark in 2018 while living at the eastern cape in South Africa. Beside my Air2s and Mini2 I got an Osmo Mobile 3, Osmo Action, Sony Alpha 6000 and some small stuff around. Looking for...
  4. F

    Nice to meet you all

    Hello, Im new to the community I just took the part 107 exam and purchased a MM2 to practice with. Im interested in primarily surveying and mapping and am learning how to be a good pilot with the MM2 and trying to get more flight hours. I wanted to join say hi and network with some more pilots.
  5. ssg_60

    Hi from Canberra

    Hi all, new to mavic here. Looking forward to learning and assisting where possible!
  6. A

    Mavic Air 2 - Left rear arm loose when folded out of the box

    Hi fellow dronies, I have an issue, I bought the Mavic Air 2 and out of the box, I noticed the left rear arm (on the right if you are looking at the front of the drone) drops a little but the right side stayed tight. Should I be worried? I have yet to even put on the propellers yet and was...
  7. M

    City of Angels - No Wings

    Drone: Mavic Air 2 Location: Los Angeles, CA Pilot Status: Recreational only, but studying for 107 Hey everyone! Was happy to discover this forum nice to see other fellow mavic pilots from all over. I've been living here for a couple years but needed something to fill the hours during this...
  8. M

    Thankyou for having me! Mavic 2 Pro with questions already!

    Very new to the world of drones and my mind is already blown! Owner of the Mavic 2 Pro with Racing Goggles. I'll be hunting around for answers to; 1. With racing goggles used will my work on boosting the remote controller power (Alientech) be a waste of time? i.e. is the signal coming from...
  9. L

    New...Traveling...Which one?

    Hi pilots out there, I live in Palm Beach county, Florida. My buddy has the commercial license and turned me on to look at that as well one day. Though, I’m new to the drone world and haven’t bought yet, but about to. Looking at the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo but have concerns after reading here...
  10. C

    help for someone who wants to buy a mavic mini

    I have a budget of $ 500, if I buy a mavic mini or dji spark both in fly more combo and both new, what is the difference between a model that came out two years ago and mavic mini? or what advice would you give me to decide for one or the other apart from those already on the dji page
  11. H

    New M2P pilot with interest in fishing and cycling

    Hello all. I am new to the drone scene. I only have a couple of M2P flights under my belt. I have interest in photography/videography and my other hobbies include fishing and cycling. I recently bought a gannet release system from Drone Sky Hook. I took it to the beach today and failed twice...
  12. A

    Greetings From Ohio

    Hello! New to the hobby. Got a Mavic Air and a Mavic 2 Pro, along with a Bugs 3 (currently down for repairs) and a UDI Falcon (currently dead). Love to shoot video and take pictures. Love editing in Vegas Pro and GIMP. Here to learn, and help if able. I post to YouTube from time to time and am...
  13. dkhullinger

    Hello! I am from Utah

    I found this website trying to learn new things. I'm new to flying. I have a Mavic Air. YouTube Follow Utah
  14. I

    My mind, there is only one Mavic 2 togo for

    So, with two to choose from, which Mavic 2 is best value for money?In my mind there is only one..
  15. Denny G

    Hello From Pa

    Thank you for the add, I'm a Pro Commercial photographer and have been behind the camera for over 40 years and it has come to the point where my clients ask me from time to time if I have a drone, Well now I do and I'm glad i found you people. I'm studying to get my commercial license. Anything...
  16. B

    Hello from a Brazilian in Stamford, CT

    Hello all. I am new to small RPA, have been involved in operations with Heron, Predator, Falco and Sperwer with my job. I am struggling getting the correct settings for videos in my Mavic Pro, but joined the forum to get some help. Cheers LCL
  17. SD-Pilot

    New Pilot From San Diego CA

    Hello Everyone - I’m happy to report that I’m a proud new owner of a Mavic Air. I fly a P4 at work but I’m LOVING the portability of my new Air. I won’t lie, I’ve had some errors with the compass and IMU, but overall, I’m loving this drone. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this site and...
  18. D

    New guy from Cork, Ireland

    Hi All, I purchased my first serious drone (Mavic Pro) last weekend and I love it. Have come across this forum in many google searches so decided to join in. Thanks! Regards Daniel
  19. N

    Anybody flying in Northern Illinois/Southeastern Wisconsin

    I'm new to the hobby, going to do commercial work when I get more experience. I am looking for great places to fly around northern Illinois. I would like to try along Lake Michigan. Right now I need the flight time... I brought my Drone to Arizona for a week and found it either too hot to fly or...
  20. joshmentele

    New Parrot Drone

    Parrot will be releasing a new drone in June. Probably a Bebop 3 or possibly a new Disco. Hopefully they will include a 4K stabilized camera this time. Their Bebop 2 Power is already a good alternative to the Spark. They might be introducing a foldable drone to the market. IT’S COMING