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  1. Cotyoran52

    1080p 60 fps, 2.7K 60 fps or 4K 30 fps

    Hi friends ! I may be counted as new Mini 2 pilot and wondering which resolution may give best results. 1080p 60fps, 2.7K 60 fps or 4K 30 fps. Actually, i want to expand my question. I mostly use 1080p 60fps which is very nice for Youtube and Adobe Premiere processing. But do you recommend...

    Missing photo resolution setting

    As per title guys, I seem to have lost any settings for photo resolution! see the 3 pics, I can see it in video setting but in photo whether set to Pro or Auto there is no option to choose/change resolution or FPS help please??
  3. OkandaCreed

    Low resolution RAW images

    Hi All, Does anyone know why Mini 2 dng images are much lower in resolution compared to jpg images? dng resolution - 960 x 540 jpg resolution - 2000 x 1500 Thanks!
  4. rossmoney

    Why 2.7K is the best. (for me)

    Hey All! Here is a quick Apple based visual aid of their resolutions including the Mavic Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro. Highlighted in red are the ones I use most frequently. I film in 2.7k because I rarely crop my footage. Also, it saves SO much space shooting in a lower resolution. As most...
  5. F


    Still trying to figure out how to change the camera resolution on my Mavic Pro. Any clues?
  6. xaos

    What resolution you set?

    Hi, just got them, and setting it up, is it smooth enough in HD mode?
  7. HALdrone_1

    4K? Best resolution?

    whats the best resolution to shoot on the Mavic Pro? 4k? 2.7k? and why?
  8. mikeGR

    What video resolution did I film in?

    I accidentally changed my video resolution settings from 2.7K to 4K while filming multiple vids the other day and only realized half-way. Now I do not know which vids are shot in 4K and which in 2.7K and by reviewing the "properties" tabs of the files (Win7) there is no relevant information...
  9. Eyvindj

    Relative size of letterbox?

    UPDATED I have shot a short video in 2720x1530 @ 30p and have experimented with creating a letterbox as an overlay in iMovie in post in order to create a cinematic look to the video. The letterbox overlay was also done in 2720x1530, but I find that during the video the relative size in height of...
  10. B

    Some pixel dances in 4K footage - why!?

    Hi guys, I had my very first flight today and got some disappointing artefacts in my first 4K footage. Most of the time, the image quality is fine. But sometimes, there were lots of pixels 'dancing around', or it looked like they stopped moving for a very short moment and blurred around the...
  11. X

    Photos at two different resolution during flight

    I took pictures in two different resolutions today while in flight (4000x3000 and 3840x2160) using only the remote control's photo button (didn't go into the app to change any settings). The Mavic was recording video in 4K, switched it off using the record video button then quickly snapped some...
  12. M

    Mavic Photo Quality is AWFUL... Please help!

    Hi guys, As I am looking around at everyone's footage from the Mavic, I'm noticing that the still photos that come off of mine are very low resolution compared to everyone else... The resolution straight off the SD card is 960x720 shot in RAW. A few samples are attached to this thread. If...