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  1. JustViewerFun

    Gimbal Roll (Image Not Level) When Flying Left or Right

    I recently upgraded my Mavic to 1.04.0000 and have been testing the new and old flight modes. One difference (I think) I noticed was that the image was not staying level when pushing the right stick left or right. If I flew to the left (pushed the right stick left), the horizon would become...
  2. S

    What causes Gimbal roll adjustments?

    So can someone elaborate on the following......... 1) What is your Gimbal Roll Adjusted to? 2) What causes Gimbal Roll to need re-adjusted? Ok so I really never noticed my Gimbal having any issues. Mine was set at -0.1 from factory and had never been touched or adjusted. I never noticed any...
  3. BradBuskey

    Quick Tip - Quickly Adjust Gimbal Rotation on the fly

    I know we all know how to go into the app, bring up the gimbal settings and hit the advanced settings to bring up the Gimbal Adjustment box, but personally, I dont want it taking up any screen real estate. I even turned off the histogram in favor of Zebra lines. However, there are times where...