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  1. OmniDrone Aerial

    Roof Inspection: The Smart Way

    We're getting better at this :)
  2. Nanosauromo

    Planning a drone operation in an urban area.

    And I want to run my plan by some other pilots first and get some second opinions on whether it sounds reasonably safe. There's a hotel I frequently film events at and I want to get some drone footage of to use as stock footage establishing shots. The hotel consists of two wings, one 32 stories...
  3. I

    Take off question

    Hello. I want to ask some questions about mavic pro that I don't understand. If I take off for example from a building roof 20 meters from ground and I have set the RTH altitude to 20 meters what will it happen when RTH engage? Also will it land safely in the roof? Also what if I change home...
  4. Cutaway

    Needed to justify more drone spending to wife...

    So I said the drone can help friends and doing videos of their roofs so they don't fall and die. Here is the supporting video...
  5. H

    (edited) How much would you charge someone for a roof inspection?

    Title says it all, purely as an indication of things such as clogged gutters, weather damage, chimney damage etc. This would really help me out a lot thanks guys! This poll has been edited from my previous thread. Feel free to reply with suggestions :)
  6. L

    Roofing Pictures

    Hey Guys! I am considering a Mavic Pro but need to make sure the camera will serve what I am looking for. I need to be able to take pictures of apartment community roofs (typically long buildings) and be able to zoom in on the pic once back at the office to count the rows of shingles. Can...
  7. N

    Skyscraper rooftop takeoff/landing

    I ordered my Mavic (my first DJI drone) a few days ago and was wondering if it was possible or safe to take off from a rooftop about 30 stories up. I live close to the beach and a park, and would fly it over those places, but I find it much more convenient to take an elevator up to the roof...