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royal caribbean

  1. Viper

    Falls Lake NC

    4K Frame Grab.
  2. Viper

    MAVIC PRO - Royal Caribbean (Permitted)

    My wife and I went on 7day cruise on Harmony Of the Seas. Every port of call I had a different security officer who retrieved Mavic Pro. They they proceeded to call the port agent which I had to speak with after using a few Drone-anomics he says " oh you know the rules have fun" LOL Heres some...
  3. iamjohnbamber

    Bringing a Drone on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

    Just wondering if anyone here has had success with taking a cruise (specifically) on Royal Caribbean with a drone? The only thing I've seen from them is that they're not allowed while on the ship, but I've heard they will allow you to bring them on and check them in with ship's security, and...