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rth problem

  1. Johannvangruting

    RTH unlimited climb.

    My Mavic Pro platinum is having a weird problem. As soon as I press 'return to home' it turns and starts climbing. Way above my pre-set RTH height of 45m. Up to the ceiling of 120m. And than sticks there, not moving. I left it there for 10 minutes, just to see if it needed to reorient itself...
  2. Y

    (Warning) Avoid this low battery RTH mistake

    Hi guys, I had a near miss. I just wanted to alert you of this so nobody loses their Mavic Pro. I was filming a lake. I parked my car on one side of the lake and I launched my drone from the opposite side of the lake. I completed my filming and knew the drone's battery was pretty low at...
  3. Jim Christensen

    RTH issue

    tried RTH for the first time and it landed 12 feet away from the landing pad. I took off and went up to 35 feet before flying off, both times it landed 12 feet from my landing pad, looking at the screen saw a wireless interference error, latter I discovered my Bluetooth on my iPhone that I use...
  4. H

    Pretty bad crash... Camera completely detached

    OK, storytime. I was showing off at my friend's house (1.25km from mine, where I was flying from) flying pretty low and hovering some. I hadn't flown in a while, and all my batteries were around 60%, so it was a series of short flights to and from. The last flight, I was hovering for as long as...
  5. inca

    Help request for missing Mavic

    I have been in touch with DJI regarding my lost Mavic. I hoped DJI would provide me tips to locate drone, but the info provided did not add too much to what I could see on my screen. Perhaps this forum could help me. My log is here: Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones Here is what...