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    Accuracy Variance ME3E RTK vs ME3T RTk

    Hi All, I am in need of some technical help with the differences in accuracy between the ME3E and the ME3T. The ME3E is said to guarantee cm level accuracy with an RTK module while the ME3T Module does not. I am trying to understand what the difference in accuracy may be before purchasing. I...
  2. R

    M2EA RTK issue

    Evening all... I have a Mavic 2 Enterptise Advanced, with the RTK module perched on top like a cute hat... But I just can't get it to work. I have an RTK licence, and the details are keyed in to the Smart Controller, I have the smart controller connected to 4G via a mobile phone hotspot, but...
  3. A

    Mavic 2 Pro TopoDrone RTK upgrade kit

    Does anyone have experience with the TopoDrone RTK Upgrade Kit for the Mavic 2 Pro? Appreciate achieving centimeter-level accuracy isn't going to be essential for a lot of people on here. I'm interested to know...