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  1. Gringorio

    A RTH mishap and recovery

    Flying a drone from a boat is not always easy. In this case the ship was moving at about 8 knots in un-even seas and so made hand-catching a challenge. The nature of the work required that we fly while on the move, thus making the home point always receding behind us. So, we were always...
  2. Gringorio

    Isla Guadalupe Beaked Whales

    Since I used both a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic Pro I have cross-posted this on the Phantom forum. While I did not edit this video some of my aerial video was used. I was lucky enough to be the drone operator on another Sea Shepherd Conservation Society campaign, this time on a research expedition...
  3. Gringorio

    Hand-catching on a Sailboat

    Here's a short vid with clips of some of the hand-catches on the sailboat I was recently aboard. I was flying drones in support of beaked whale surveys and my task was to capture aerial images of the whales when they surfaced. That was a challenge in itself, but so was launching and landing on...
  4. S

    Lost MP into lake trying to fly off sailboat - dumb mistakes

    Putting up this post in the hopes that I might save someone else from dropping their MP into the drink. Bottom line, my overconfidence cost me my MP. Situation: Was out on a buddies sail boat on Lake Erie. Hand already done several hand launches and catches from power boats before, so did not...
  5. M

    Sailboat Race, Surf, and Maui shots / BEAUTIFUL 4K

    Hey guys, just finished up with my trip to Lahaina and thought I'd share some of the better drone shots I got :) Hope you all enjoy, any constructive criticism is much appreciated!