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  1. A

    Mavic 2 Pro

    Mavic 2 Pro for sale. Includes original box and everything that was included in the fly more kit (drone, 3 batteries, remote controller, etc). Everything is in great shape. $1000 + shipping (Ships from Pittsburgh)
  2. A

    Mavic 2 Pro

    Mavic 2 Pro for sale. Includes drone, 3 batteries, extra props, remote controller, charging station, DJI carrying bag. Ships from Pittsburgh, PA Price: $1,100.00 net to me.
  3. E

    Looking for a $150 mavic drone does not matter what kind parrot drone also works to.

    I have been flying my parrot bebop 2 power for already 2 years and have really enjoyed it. Last week it decided to not turn on. I am in High school and I cannot spend more then 150 dollars. Anything helps. I am also willing to trade one iphone 6 and one iphone 6s
  4. E

    WTB MA Controller

    Hi guys, My MA controller was stolen from my car, the only reason they did not take the MA itself was because I had taken it with me to download the images/videos straight to my PC. I need to buy a MA controller or will be grounded for a while. I have only found very expensive ones on eBay...
  5. E

    Mavic air controller for sale

    Hi, Following loss of my mavic air into the sea I have a controller for sale - has only been used for 2 hours of flight time since I bought it 10 days ago! Full working order complete with spare joysticks. Please let me know if you are interested and what you would offer me for it. Thanks e
  6. R

    May the 4th Sale on eBay!

    15% off up to $100. I bought the Air Fly More package from Adorama who also is throwing in some little extras (guards, 32gig card, etc) for $899. My first quad!
  7. D

    MicroCenter 15% Off Gift Cards for Drone Purchase - In Store Only

    All, Right now MicroCenter has 15% off gift cards towards the purchase of drones, cameras and HDTV's and a few other categories. One stipulation is that they can only be used IN STORE and they are sent out to you via Fedex. Just thought I would share this. So for example (2) $500 gift cards...
  8. UAVMan

    Best Mavic Pro deals in Canada?

    Okay I need to get a Mavic Pro in Canada, anyone have a suggestion for the best deal on a Mavic (NEW). I'm in Medicine Hat, AB.
  9. A

    Buying Mavic Pro from Canada

    Hey guys, I recently bought a Mavic Pro from DJI and I found out that if you live in Canada the best way to save money is to buy straight from the DJI website. DJI currently offers a sale on their drones, with tax included in their prices, and with free expedited shipping (1-3 days). Canadian...
  10. T

    Anyone in the market for a mavic in Australia

    Hey just a heads up, bing lee have 20% off store wide on their eBay store (use code cny20) mavics down to $1368 for anyone interested.
  11. NOLA-J

    Hello from New Orleans,LA, USA - Happy to find this Forum!

    Just got my Mavic a few days ago. Very impressed with this drone. This was a serious upgrade from my Phantom 2. Any advice on how to sell the old drone?
  12. S

    Mavic Pro finally available: Germany?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know whether anyone in Germany has gotten his hands onto a Mavic Pro. I am desperately waiting for it, since I already sold my Inspire and need it for a project.