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  1. Minion Blob

    SOLD on eBay; DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo - Immaculate. Flown 1.8 hrs.

    Pictures as shown. Essentially a new device but without the warranty. Flown a total of 1.8 hrs when unbound from my DJI account as a test bed for my Insta360 Sphere. Controller has 0 hours but had been rebound before packing, as I have used it with the Smart Controller exclusively (separate...
  2. Crash_Davis

    !!!SOLD - Mav Air2 For Sale - $575 - SOLD!!!

    Mav Air2, Hard Case, 5 batteries, 2 sets of factory ND sets, ND4 polarized, ND2000, adjustable 2-6 ND, 3 pairs of sticks and I think 3 or 4 sets of replacement props. Also will include 2 unused SD cards. This has been babied and never crashed or even a hard landing. Have original DJI box and I...
  3. bkushner

    SOLD SOLD SOLDDJI Air 2S For Sale lots of ExtrasSOLD SOLD SOLD

    Selling my DJI Air 2S. Everything pictured is included. ND Filters have never been used. Neither has the stock charger. Including a 4 port simultaneous charger. 3 sets of props and the ones on the drone only have about 2-3 flights. Also a 2 port Simultaneous Car Charger. Drone is in perfect...
  4. Hegemone

    **SOLD** Mavic Mini Fly More (w/ 9months Refresh Care +)- $275 Shipped.

    **SOLD** $275 includes USPS Priority Flatrate shipping and insurance to the continental US addresses only. The drone is in mint condition and the only reason I am selling is that I want all my drones on the smart controller. This is the Fly more combo. Included items are pictured. I have the MM...
  5. E

    Looking for a $150 mavic drone does not matter what kind parrot drone also works to.

    I have been flying my parrot bebop 2 power for already 2 years and have really enjoyed it. Last week it decided to not turn on. I am in High school and I cannot spend more then 150 dollars. Anything helps. I am also willing to trade one iphone 6 and one iphone 6s
  6. T

    Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo $650

    I'm selling my practically brand new DJI Mavic Air 2 with the Fly More Combo. Bought at release for $999 and I'm selling for $650. No crashes, no damage, everything in combo comes with it which I'll list below. No trades, only looking to sell. I've flown it maybe 10-12 hrs total, mostly for...
  7. F

    Mavic Air with accessories for sale

    Selling my Mavic Air as it sitting on a shelf without any purpose. The bundle includes: Mavic Air white - it's almost new (20 flights / 27km / 3h30m total on it). Got it as DJI care refresh replacement when I lost the original drone in the lake. No crashes on this replaced drone. Controller...
  8. rkdauph

    SOLD. Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, No Crashes, Flown about Four Hours

    My current economic situation requires this sale, apparently, my work is 'not essential' and the mortgage waits for no man. Price is $2700 but I will consider reasonable offers. Shipping within CONUS is included at this price. Preowned Lightly Used DJI Magic 2 Enterprise Dual - Sale includes...
  9. DDS

    DJI Robot On Sale This Week Only!

    Forum Exclusive Was $549 - Forum Price $449 (inquire within)
  10. DDS

    EXPIRED -Mavic 2 Pro Discount Ends Tomorrow night!!

    So as many of you had taken advantage of the M2P price went from $1729 down to $1379. However those who have not yet taken advantage of the sale it ends tomorrow! The exclusive forum discount of an additional $100 off (brings total to $1279 shipped) also ends tomorrow Last chance to order @ a...
  11. A

    [SOLD]: Flying Mavic Air for Repair or Parts

    Good project for someone who knows what they're doing with these things, but I have neither the time nor motivation to dig into trying to fix it. The good: Drone flies well. I attached the maximum 10 pictures here and have a Google drive folder I will share with anyone interested that includes...
  12. D

    SOLD: Almost new Mavic 2 Pro, with Fly More, DJI Refresh and ND filters - UK Seller

    Hi guys, I bought a M2P in October of last year, essentially on a whim. It's had maybe 10 hours of flight time, probably less. I'm just not going to get the use out of it, so I'm selling up! All in excellent condition. Only mark is the small scrapes caused by the gimbal cover which you can see...
  13. T

    ******Sold******Mavic Air for sale 500 "obo"

    Testing the airs .. Its in excellent condition and comes with battery, charger, and remote.
  14. nil

    SOLD - Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

  15. doubleplay86

    FS: Mavic Pro Accessories (Filters, Props etc.) $50 or BEST OFFER

    My Mavic Pro Platinum was stolen but my accessories case wasn't so I'm selling off the accessories I've got left which are all in like new or new condition. SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Remote - SOLD SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Battery and Remote Charger, also have multi-battery at once charger - SOLD SOLD -...
  16. E

    WTB MA Controller

    Hi guys, My MA controller was stolen from my car, the only reason they did not take the MA itself was because I had taken it with me to download the images/videos straight to my PC. I need to buy a MA controller or will be grounded for a while. I have only found very expensive ones on eBay...
  17. E

    Mavic air controller for sale

    Hi, Following loss of my mavic air into the sea I have a controller for sale - has only been used for 2 hours of flight time since I bought it 10 days ago! Full working order complete with spare joysticks. Please let me know if you are interested and what you would offer me for it. Thanks e
  18. M

    [SOLD]: Mavic Pro, w/Fly More Bundle of Accessories

    Have a complete DJI Mavic Pro with Fly More bundle for sale. I bought it new from Amazon last Thanksgiving, have used it a few times since then. Everything in excellent condition, except for some dings in 3 of the propellors (3 in perfect condition). Comes with everything, drone, controller...
  19. R

    May the 4th Sale on eBay!

    15% off up to $100. I bought the Air Fly More package from Adorama who also is throwing in some little extras (guards, 32gig card, etc) for $899. My first quad!
  20. R

    FS: IL: Will Ship: Mavic Pro Package (Skin/Charger/Three Batteries/Backpack).

    SOLD (locally, and for asking price you cheapos')