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  1. A

    FOR SALE: Flying Mavic Air for Repair or Parts

    Good project for someone who knows what they're doing with these things, but I have neither the time nor motivation to dig into trying to fix it. The good: Drone flies well. I attached the maximum 10 pictures here and have a Google drive folder I will share with anyone interested that includes...
  2. D

    SOLD: Almost new Mavic 2 Pro, with Fly More, DJI Refresh and ND filters - UK Seller

    Hi guys, I bought a M2P in October of last year, essentially on a whim. It's had maybe 10 hours of flight time, probably less. I'm just not going to get the use out of it, so I'm selling up! All in excellent condition. Only mark is the small scrapes caused by the gimbal cover which you can see...
  3. T

    ******Sold******Mavic Air for sale 500 "obo"

    Testing the airs .. Its in excellent condition and comes with battery, charger, and remote.
  4. nil

    SOLD - Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

  5. doubleplay86

    FS: Mavic Pro Accessories (Filters, Props etc.) $50 or BEST OFFER

    My Mavic Pro Platinum was stolen but my accessories case wasn't so I'm selling off the accessories I've got left which are all in like new or new condition. SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Remote - SOLD SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Battery and Remote Charger, also have multi-battery at once charger - SOLD SOLD -...
  6. E

    WTB MA Controller

    Hi guys, My MA controller was stolen from my car, the only reason they did not take the MA itself was because I had taken it with me to download the images/videos straight to my PC. I need to buy a MA controller or will be grounded for a while. I have only found very expensive ones on eBay...
  7. E

    Mavic air controller for sale

    Hi, Following loss of my mavic air into the sea I have a controller for sale - has only been used for 2 hours of flight time since I bought it 10 days ago! Full working order complete with spare joysticks. Please let me know if you are interested and what you would offer me for it. Thanks e
  8. M

    [SOLD]: Mavic Pro, w/Fly More Bundle of Accessories

    Have a complete DJI Mavic Pro with Fly More bundle for sale. I bought it new from Amazon last Thanksgiving, have used it a few times since then. Everything in excellent condition, except for some dings in 3 of the propellors (3 in perfect condition). Comes with everything, drone, controller...
  9. R

    May the 4th Sale on eBay!

    15% off up to $100. I bought the Air Fly More package from Adorama who also is throwing in some little extras (guards, 32gig card, etc) for $899. My first quad!
  10. R

    FS: IL: Will Ship: Mavic Pro Package (Skin/Charger/Three Batteries/Backpack).

    SOLD (locally, and for asking price you cheapos')
  11. I

    Mavic Pro body only for sale $650

    I have 2 mavic pros and one of them I don't need. This mavic has less than 5 hours of flight time and is next to knew with no sign of use and all original parts. Comes with 1 battery. $650
  12. D

    MicroCenter 15% Off Gift Cards for Drone Purchase - In Store Only

    All, Right now MicroCenter has 15% off gift cards towards the purchase of drones, cameras and HDTV's and a few other categories. One stipulation is that they can only be used IN STORE and they are sent out to you via Fedex. Just thought I would share this. So for example (2) $500 gift cards...
  13. Alexander_gohan

    Mavic Pro + accessories for sale ($800)

    For sale used mavic pro with accessories (fly only 7 times). What is in the box : DJI mavic 6 propellers Heightened landingn gear Remote controller joysticks Hard case for mavic and controller
  14. S

    Dji Spark - SOLD

    Selling as I've bought a Mavic and sadly can't afford to keep both. This has been very well looked after. Everything is immaculate and in perfect working order. White Dji Spark drone Remote controller 2 batteries UK mains charger Car charger for 2 batteries 2 spare props Extras : Extended...
  15. L

    FOR SALE : Mavic +Tons of Accessories. Immaculate, Used 4 Times. Boxed w/Manuals

    DJI Mavic Pro Drone, +Tons of Accessories. Immaculate, Used 4 Times. Boxed w/Manuals. £1200 Non Negotiable. Will post to anywhere for additional postage fee. Less than 4 months old. Flown 4 times. Never Crashed. Drone, Battery, Batter Charger, Controller, Micro USB Cable, Iphone Cable, USB-C...
  16. Airupthere1

    Mavic Body Wanted!

    In need of a Mavic BODY only. My baby is on the side of a cliff due to a high unexpected wind gust and/or positioning malfunction. You can even keep the battery! Just need the body! Send me a PM. Thank you all
  17. Ciawz

    WTS DJI shoulder bag and car charger

    For sale DJI shoulder bag for mavic pro 1time testing only 80$ Dji car charger for mavic pro Still in the original packaging, never use 50$ Free shipping throughout Indonesia Will post the pictures later Thanks
  18. F

    [SOLD] BRAND NEW Mavic Pro Controller, Charger, Accessories ($150 for controller, $200 for bundle)

    Selling brand new, mint condition DJI Mavic Pro controller ($150), charger ($40), two RC connectors ($5 each), one Thunderbolt RCconnector ($5), a micro-USB cable ($3) and a pair of propellers ($5). Can be bought individually or as a whole package for $200.
  19. M

    Brand new Mavic with accessories

    Unactivated, never flown Mavic, controller, cases for controller and Mavic, Polar pro NRPL Cinema lens kit, landing gear extensions, prop guards, home charger, car charger, extra props, two extra batteries, gimbal clamp, gimbal cover and lens hood. $1200 including shipping. Also includes DJI...
  20. UAVMan

    Best Mavic Pro deals in Canada?

    Okay I need to get a Mavic Pro in Canada, anyone have a suggestion for the best deal on a Mavic (NEW). I'm in Medicine Hat, AB.