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Buying Mavic Pro from Canada


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May 16, 2017
Hey guys, I recently bought a Mavic Pro from DJI and I found out that if you live in Canada the best way to save money is to buy straight from the DJI website.

DJI currently offers a sale on their drones, with tax included in their prices, and with free expedited shipping (1-3 days). Canadian stores sell the drones for significantly higher prices when factoring in the HST!

Here is a comparison below:

Mavic Pro
- $1350 + HST = $1525CAD
- DJI website: $999USD (with tax) = $1360CAD
- Savings: $165

Mavic Pro Fly More Kit
- $1799+ HST = $2035CAD
- DJI website: $1299USD (with tax) = $1770CAD
- Savings: $265

From the above you can see that you can save a couple hundred bucks if you purchase directly from DJI. So don't make a mistake and purchase from a reseller in Canada.

Shipping from DJI is free and fast. Any duties and tax are already included in their prices.

Check it out yourself:
DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Kit
Agree that it's the best deal because of the tax savings. In Quebec that's nearly 15% total VAT.

But I feel badly for stores like Dr. Drone in Dartmouth, NS who offer very good service. I bought my Mavic Pro Fly More from them but decided that leaving over $400 in taxes in the field for the P4P was just too much - so bought from DJI. Same with the goggles as it was pre-order. In effect the savings in tax paid for 2/3 of the goggles.

Another tip: buy Care Refresh from DJI directly to save tax there too. For some reason retailers (like Dr. Drone) add the sales taxes for what is an insurance scheme. They don't have to but they do.
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