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  1. M

    DJI offered 70€ off replacement mavic mini that flew off, good deal?

    Hi, My Mavic mini 1 decided to fly off into the sunset without so much as saying goodbye. I contacted DJI, who have kindly offered me 70€ off a new/replacement drone (including the Mavic mini 3). Is this a good deal? (I appreciate its better then nothing) however funds are short so paying for...
  2. A

    Buying Mavic Pro from Canada

    Hey guys, I recently bought a Mavic Pro from DJI and I found out that if you live in Canada the best way to save money is to buy straight from the DJI website. DJI currently offers a sale on their drones, with tax included in their prices, and with free expedited shipping (1-3 days). Canadian...
  3. FantasticMrF

    DJI Student Offer!!

    DJI are currently offering an educational discount if you have a valid educational email address; ive just picked up myself 10% off simply for registering my student account with DJI. This got my mavic from £1099 to £989.