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  1. mtsprocket

    Hello from park central Alberta.

    Totally spoiled, got a mini for Christmas. Not 100% new to flying as I get to fly all my SOs really fabulous drones, but we're in different countries, so now I can continue flying at home. On the edge of park central, so you have to pay attention to the rules, I'm not going to be the asshat...
  2. Garatshay

    2 Pro Following the Ferry Construction Project - Kingston, Ontario

    This short video shows the work being done to construct a new, improved ferry terminal for the link between Kingston, Ontario and Wolfe Island. Temps were very low, but I place an electronic handwarmer in the drone case and battery temps were in the 20s C...rising during flight. I highly...
  3. P

    Hello from Kelowna, BC, Canada - Looking for a flight reviewer

    Hi All, Just wrote my advanced and looking to get a little practice to get my flight review done. Anyone in Kelowna interested in meeting up or can recommend someone in town to complete my flight review. Cheers, Paul
  4. Garatshay

    2 Pro Museum for Railway Enthusiasts

    A break in the weather here in Southern Ontario gave me the chance to snatch some footage of the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls. This may interest those who love railways and associated equipments.
  5. Moths in The Sunshine Coast

    Moths in The Sunshine Coast

    Westcoast Canada's beautiful Sunshine Coast. A moth invasion, some world war 2 concrete ships and a cool 70 meter tower.
  6. Mavy

    The Famous Mount Cheam of BC Canada

    This was one of my most favorite mountains to climb. The diversity of each shot will make you want to hike it this summer. Not too dangerous until you reach the peak. You'll see why lol. This video was a long time coming and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did climbing it. As always, I...
  7. P

    Another Mavic Mini Question - Can I fly here?

    (I live in Canada) Just wondering, I have a client that wants me to take a few drone shots. It is about 19 km from an airport, but on the drone selection tool there is a second red circle saying: “Control Zone Airspace” Basic RPAS operations are not permitted within the zone indicated by the red...
  8. Saber911

    SOLD: Mavic 2 Remote Controllers & CrystalSky Accessories

    Spring cleaning, making room for more Inspire2 gear. Both controllers are immaculate, they have screen protectors and were barely used. Willing to separate items for the right price. Domestic Shipping is included from Toronto, Canada. US + $10 Bundle A: $300 USD Mavic 2 Remote Controller...
  9. Mavy

    The Wack! in 4K

    Welcome to Chilliwack, BC. Better known as The Wack Vancouver has many cities surrounding it. Chilliwack is one of the smaller ones and is butted up against some of the nicest lakes and mountains. This video showcases the urban areas of Chilliwack BC. As always, I appreciate any likes...
  10. P

    Compilation Of Flying In Happier Times

    Hi With restrictions now in place pretty well everywhere, I thought I’d put together a mishmash of places I’ve been fortunate enough to fly my Mavic at. See how many places you prizes just the personal satisfaction. Take care and stay safe. Peter
  11. blackomega

    Historic Canneries along B.C.'s Inverness Passage

    Enjoy the video
  12. N

    Can I bring drones to Canada as foreigner?

    Hi all, can anyone help me on this. I will be flying to Canada go study for one year. Can I bring my drones (Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro and Tello) along with me ? Should I apply SFOC, before bringing them to Canada? Thanks & regards, Nas
  13. Okanagan Valley_003

    Okanagan Valley_003

    August, 2019
  14. Okanagan Valley_002

    Okanagan Valley_002

    August, 2019
  15. Okanagan Valley_001

    Okanagan Valley_001

    August, 2019
  16. F

    Drone Pilot with license in Halifax (Canada) here?

    Hey, i am searching for a drone pilot with license to fly in Canada - Halifax to make some beauties for a short documentary. Perfect with drone. We also had the Mavic 2 Pro on site. Shooting Schedules: October, 22nd 2019 noon/afternoon - more details via dm Thanks René
  17. wpgkip

    Hello from Winnipeg MB

    Hello pilots. I am pretty new to the DJI world, I've been flying Parrot for the past couple of years, but upgraded to the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to get a bit more serious and pursue my license here in Canada. Unfortunately, I haven't many flights yet, but am looking forward to more! I am looking...
  18. Metallic Hawk

    First Post - 40 second Canadian Roadtrip video

    Hi all! I finished a 2000 mile Roadtrip through the Canadian Rockies with my kids and here's a short video from the journey.
  19. Jarlath

    New Mavic user in Canada

    Just purchased a newish (New to me) Mavic Air. Just over 6 months old and unfortunately 2 of the 3 batteries are toast due to never being used (aka charger will not charge them). Other that the batteries being 2 weeks outside of warranty, everything else is perfect. Looking forwards to playing...
  20. M