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Mini 2 Hey everyone, here is some footage I was able to get last year from my cottage camping trip~!


Jan 30, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Been awhile since I edited a video, felt pretty rusty but tried a new speed ramping technique.

I found it helps to slow down the footage a bit when the camera pans to make it feel less jarring on the eyes.

Trying to keep my drone videos around 8 minutes in length. Seems like a good length (not too long)

also trying to use shorter clips (5-10 seconds before a cut), i've gotten feedback in the past about this.

Check out the vid and give some feedback where I can improve :)

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My limit is whatever is right for the story, whether 1 minute or 10 minutes. There are many very good YouTube videos which go beyond 10 minutes. It's the content which matters.
Enjoyed your part of the world, thanks. Go 1 minute. Max 2 minutes. This was your cottage camping trip. Make a story. Just the beginning and the end bits would make a good one. Need only a bit of context footage. Don't jump too much between long and close up. Think about your intro and your finale/summary. And these are all notes to myself.
You should aim to keep your videos between 2.5 to 3 minutes. I realise it’s a big ask, however the proven YouTube reality is that is how long most viewers will watch even the best cinematic video.
true, my reasoning is that youtube will only allow a mid-video add if the video is 8 minutes long.
As you can see from these comments... shorter would be better. There was a lot of crazy movements in shots...just cut them out. Good music and the video started nicely with the ground level shots. The rest has to be like that.
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Let me guess you have a cottage in southern Ontario is that correct? Up here in Northern Ontario they are called camps.
Here are a few tips that may or may not apply to your video: I prefer not seeing drone takeoff footage. Although not seen in your footage, I try to avoid scenes where the drone's shadow is in the video or the person controlling the drone, unless that person is the point of interest. Shots as smooth as possible are normally preferred.
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