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RELIABLE map of drone-safe areas in Canada


Jan 1, 2023
San Diego, CA, USA
What is the most reliable source of information where drones are allowed to fly in Canada?

There is this
but is it utterly and completely useless. For example, it claims that it is legal to fly in Mt. Robson Provincial park, yet the parks themselves are absolutely unambiguous that this is an absolute nono

I need to read up more on Canadian regulations, but it is my understanding that when it comes to parks they are similar to US regulations - it is illegal to take off and land on park land, but if there is a road running through the park you can take off and land from the roadside as long as you maintain VLOS.

With that in mind, I am having a hard time finding parcel-level information on where actual park boundaries lie. For example, Caltopo is indicating that Hwy16 that runs through the provincial park is not part of the park (once it leaves Jasper NP). The situation seems similar with Spray lake reservoir, where road #742 is just west of the Bow Valley Provincial Park boundary, and the lake itself is not part of the park too.

Not trying to break any laws, but given how progressively restrictive the laws have become I am not looking to do anything other than stick to the absolute letter of the law.

P.S. Downloaded Drone Pilot Canada and, while much better than the NRC one, it is not sufficiently detailed I think, to show potential exclusion zones around roads.
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For example, it claims that it is legal to fly in Mt. Robson Provincial park, yet the parks themselves are absolutely unambiguous that this is an absolute nono
Actually, it explicitly says that it doesn't show restrictions below the federal level, which provincial parks are.

If you aren't flying a sub-250 g drone then you might be out-of-luck for flying (unless you're a Canadian).

Basically, unless your drone is under 250 g you need a valid sRPAS Pilot Certificate from Transport Canada and a Special Flight Operations Certificate, also from Transport Canada.

It may take up to 30 working days to review and issue an SFOC-RPAS for low-risk operations. Actual processing times can vary depending on the complexity and completeness of the request. Accepted SFOC-RPAS applications will be done in the order received. SFOC’s should be issued within the 30-working day window, assuming the applicant responds to additional requests in a timely manner.

SFOC-RPAS Application received with less then 30 working days advanced notice will not be accepted. If the requested window is longer term (say from today for 1 full year), the SFOC-RPAS application will be accepted.

A foreign pilot is usually issued an SFOC-RPAS valid for one year.
@Robert Prior thank you for the detailed pointers, I did not realize how involved the Canada permit system is. I took the test yesterday and have submitted my SFOC-RPAS application.

On my original question, I have found two excellent sources of detailed parcel-level information on park boundaries

Alberta Parks

BC Parks

If you zoom in you can readily see the exclusion zones around some roads, which are not park property.

I also sent out a query to BC Parks asking explicitly whether taking off from outside the park is legal. They stated
permission from BC Parks is required for take off or landing of a drone within the provincial parks system. If you do not intend to take off or land within a provincial park, you are not required to obtain approval.
emphasis is theirs.

Bottom line is that it is still legal to take off from roads that run through the park as long as you are **** sure that they are not park property. Happy flying.
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I've got some shots over parks while flying from outside the boundaries. Many BC coastal parks are quite small and it is doable, especially when flying a sub-250 g drone.

For example:

Just past that big rock you can see houses and an access road. I was literally a couple of steps outside park boundaries, but I was following the rules.
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