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  1. Airupthere1

    Mavic Body Wanted!

    In need of a Mavic BODY only. My baby is on the side of a cliff due to a high unexpected wind gust and/or positioning malfunction. You can even keep the battery! Just need the body! Send me a PM. Thank you all
  2. Ciawz

    WTS DJI shoulder bag and car charger

    For sale DJI shoulder bag for mavic pro 1time testing only 80$ Dji car charger for mavic pro Still in the original packaging, never use 50$ Free shipping throughout Indonesia Will post the pictures later Thanks
  3. F

    [SOLD] BRAND NEW Mavic Pro Controller, Charger, Accessories ($150 for controller, $200 for bundle)

    Selling brand new, mint condition DJI Mavic Pro controller ($150), charger ($40), two RC connectors ($5 each), one Thunderbolt RCconnector ($5), a micro-USB cable ($3) and a pair of propellers ($5). Can be bought individually or as a whole package for $200.
  4. M

    Brand new Mavic with accessories

    Unactivated, never flown Mavic, controller, cases for controller and Mavic, Polar pro NRPL Cinema lens kit, landing gear extensions, prop guards, home charger, car charger, extra props, two extra batteries, gimbal clamp, gimbal cover and lens hood. $1200 including shipping. Also includes DJI...
  5. UAVMan

    Best Mavic Pro deals in Canada?

    Okay I need to get a Mavic Pro in Canada, anyone have a suggestion for the best deal on a Mavic (NEW). I'm in Medicine Hat, AB.
  6. 1

    Mavic - Shoulder Bag - $50 + Shipping

    I'm sure everyone knows which bag I'm selling, but here is the pic from DJI's website. The backstory is that I just bought the Mavic Pro Costco deal (comes with prop guards and bag). The bag won't fit all my stuff so I'm selling. It's never been opened per the pics below. Price is $50 plus...
  7. JoostGT3

    FS: PGY Tech tablet holder

    So, here's me being silly again: I ordered the PGY tech MRC-005 pad holder for use with my iPad mini 4. Upon paying, I got the message that it was out of stock and expected a week later. I look up some reviews about the webshop and find out it has a very bad reputation, so I go ahead and order...
  8. A

    Buying Mavic Pro from Canada

    Hey guys, I recently bought a Mavic Pro from DJI and I found out that if you live in Canada the best way to save money is to buy straight from the DJI website. DJI currently offers a sale on their drones, with tax included in their prices, and with free expedited shipping (1-3 days). Canadian...
  9. M

    Mavic for Sale

    My mavic is 2 months old and I want an upgrade. I will upload the flight data. I have a hard case for it and ND Filters. I paid $1,400 for the combo pack, $75 for the filters, and $125 for the hard case. I want to sell it all for $1400. Here is the data: Dropbox -...
  10. W

    (SOLD) Mavic Pro Fly More Combo + Active DJI Care Refresh for Sale

    SOLD Hi there! I am selling my Fly More Combo, along with the DJI Care Refresh (that I activated in January) for $1150. I have flown the drone a total of 3 times for around 20 minutes each flight. The Mavic Pro is in excellent condition. No crashes or damage have occurred whatsoever. I have...
  11. G


    I have an additional Mavic Pro (I ordered 2) but have decided to only keep one and a Phantom 4 instead. I have not flown this drone - so it is still unregistered, and you can still add DJI insurance on it since it has zero hours flown. Open box, but brand new - Looking for mostly a local sale...
  12. T

    Anyone in the market for a mavic in Australia

    Hey just a heads up, bing lee have 20% off store wide on their eBay store (use code cny20) mavics down to $1368 for anyone interested.
  13. NOLA-J

    Hello from New Orleans,LA, USA - Happy to find this Forum!

    Just got my Mavic a few days ago. Very impressed with this drone. This was a serious upgrade from my Phantom 2. Any advice on how to sell the old drone?
  14. FeliPereira

    [SOLD] Brand New DJI MAVIC PRO + Extra Battery - Europe

    [SOLD] Hi, I have a Brand New DJI MAVIC PRO fly less, new sealed in box and extra batteries. The prices are: DJI Mavic Pro - EUR 1.299 Intelligent Battery - EUR 99 I can ship at buyer's expense.
  15. L

    Selling: Mavic Pro in a sealed box

    I have a Mavic Pro in a sealed box for sale ($1400.00). Contact me if you are interested. You can pick it up in NJ.
  16. ThePhantom

    Mavics for Sale / SOLD

    New here but been a longtime PhantomPilots member (same username). I have 2 Mavics for sale (Not Pre-Order). They are still sealed in their boxes. I preordered 6 and 3 arrived. $1550 USD shipped (Expedited) to CONUS/Canada. Paypal Payment only. Message me if interested. Thanks Pilots!
  17. S

    Mavic Pro finally available: Germany?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know whether anyone in Germany has gotten his hands onto a Mavic Pro. I am desperately waiting for it, since I already sold my Inspire and need it for a project.