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salt lake city

  1. FlyingAndCarp

    Salt Lake City with some snow on the ground

    My first "real" flight (I almost used a whole battery!), nothing amazing, but here is some Salt Lake City footage with some snow on the ground if anyone is curious. I was happy to try out the quickshots for once, but then also disappointed that some of them are 1080p only, and that they all...
  2. Z

    Redditor finds lost drone in creek - pic and link inside

    I came across this post on Reddit. Slim chance but I thought it might help somebody. If this is you click the link below to get your drone back. EDIT: I should have noted in the subject but it was found in Salt Lake City. Found drone in city creek - is this you? Tell me the model of the...
  3. V

    A Summer's Worth of Hiking the Utah Rockies

    This is the culmination project of all the video I took in the past summer hiking near Salt Lake City, Utah in the Wasatch Range. It is such a beautiful area. Please let me know what you think!