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  1. Elektrica

    Sardegna 2019 | Sardinia, Italy | Summer 2019 | 4K Drone Video

    Shot with Mavic2 Pro and Inspire 2 Cinematic 4K drone video of the gorgeous Sardinia (Sardegna) island in Italy. Aerial views of Costa Smeralda, the old Capo Ferro lighthouse, Monte Moro, the Isola Cappuccini, rumored to belong to Madonna, or the stunning multi colored sea views of one of the...
  2. M

    Masainas, a small locality in Sardinia

    Hello to everyone, a footage taken in a small locality in the South West of Sardinia. Thanks for watching :)
  3. wernernagel

    Flying in Sardegna - Italian Coastline

    Some nice shots over a beautiful mediterranean coastline! Hope you enjoy!!
  4. M

    Flight around an old semaphore and signal station of century XIX

    It was a windy day in Sardinia when took this footage. Semaphore stations are also known as Napoleonic Semaphore.
  5. M

    Natural pool in Sardinia

    This is in Sant'Antioco island in the South of Sardinia. Made with mavic pro, the weather was a little bit windy.