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  1. O

    Mini 2 Epic Scottish Cliff Flight

    Another video of mine shot with the DJI Mini 2. Filming was done near the city of Stonehaven in Scotland which is based in the Aberdeenshire area. The actual place is called Craigeven Bay. The video starts a bit slow at first but gets really dynamic past the 1st minute, so I highly encourage you...
  2. Skyfall-0D2

    Dunoon Scotland??????? UK??

    Hi folks, former Private Pilot from years ago & trained with BA & a candidate for MAF. Marriage & children ground a man though... Had a GoPro Karma the last 4 years and scared to fly it unless weather and location was absolutely perfect. Mavic 2 Pro bought, but having huge problems so far...
  3. D

    New Member from Scotland

    Hello all, Had my Mavic for a few months now and loving it. I live in Scotland but have my bird with me for a wee Asia trip. Anyone in Hong Kong or Koh Samui? Thank you to the peoples advice I've already found. Look forward to being part of the community.