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screen capture

  1. L

    Screen Capture on the RC Pro

    I just completed a "how to" video on capturing the screen (stills and videos) on the new DJI Remote Controller (RC Pro) for the Mavic 3. We cover Screen Shots (Stills), Screen Recording (Video), Reviewing the Captures on the RC Pro and transferring the files to your computer. Click for Video
  2. kcoleman805

    Screenshots of 4k footage

    A friend of mine told me that in order to get better still pictures with the drone, you take a 5-10 second video of the object you are trying to photograph and then take a screenshot from that video to get a better picture than just taking the picture from the drone. Has anyone tried this? Is...
  3. S

    How to get video of iPhone display while using DJI App?

    I saw several vids where you can see the display of the DJI app with all settings and the small map while flying. How can I record it (without hacking the iPhone?)? There are settings to save flight data somewhere in the app. Where is it stored and what can I do with it? How to extract them and...
  4. R

    Don't waste your time with CoolPixel for iPhone

    Coolpixel is a screen recorder for the iOS platform. It was a God send when I found it. I used the trial version which records for 2 minutes and that worked perfectly so I purchased the lifetime version for $15. Well that was $15 down the drain! After you pass the 2 min mark it keeps...