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screen capture

  1. kcoleman805

    Screenshots of 4k footage

    A friend of mine told me that in order to get better still pictures with the drone, you take a 5-10 second video of the object you are trying to photograph and then take a screenshot from that video to get a better picture than just taking the picture from the drone. Has anyone tried this? Is...
  2. S

    How to get video of iPhone display while using DJI App?

    I saw several vids where you can see the display of the DJI app with all settings and the small map while flying. How can I record it (without hacking the iPhone?)? There are settings to save flight data somewhere in the app. Where is it stored and what can I do with it? How to extract them and...
  3. Robbyg

    Don't waste your time with CoolPixel for iPhone

    Coolpixel is a screen recorder for the iOS platform. It was a God send when I found it. I used the trial version which records for 2 minutes and that worked perfectly so I purchased the lifetime version for $15. Well that was $15 down the drain! After you pass the 2 min mark it keeps...