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  1. SnowSkier

    Salgados Beach, Portugal

    Just made a short clip about Praia dos Salgados, in the south of Portugal, Algarve region, Portugal. It's one of the most extensive beaches in this area, calm sea and with temperatures around 19, 20 Cº Hope you like it. Mavic Pro 2, no editing. Just transitions and music. H265
  2. A

    Cinematic Seascape 4K

    I love the coast and the sea, and it is so interesting to film the waves and the rock formations created by waves crushing onto them for years after years.
  3. B

    Long Exposure Seascape photos

    I'm enjoying the fun of adapting my terrestial photography to the drone. Today I was experimenting with my longest exposures yet. 5-second exposures and they images were sharp! Not all of them mind you, but if the wind is calm and you take a few photos, you can get sharp images at 5-second...