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  1. J

    Use MOBAC to create Sectional chart images of any size

    I've run across a few threads where I think people might like to print out their sectional charts. There are likely many ways to do this. I'm a civil engineer that works daily with CAD and GIS, so we are pretty good at finding the simplest and freest ways of doing things. However, I am...
  2. S

    Sectional Chart Question- "For reasons of National Welfare Pilots Are Requested to Avoid Flights Below 2400 MSL"

    Hello All, Has anyone seen a notice on a sectional chart similar to this? This is an area just south of Charlottesville, VA. I was hoping to fly my drone right around Batesville (on the map). I am Part 107 certified and the property on which I'd be flying is owned by the company I work for, so...