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serial number

  1. G

    does my drone refurbish?

    I bought a dji mavic 2 pro drone from a reseller and found the letters R in 7 and 8 digit. Is this mean refubish? my serial number is 163CGARR0A49CX
  2. jumper17

    Serial Number ends with an "R"

    Hi, I just open my (new as advertised) Mavic and the S.N. has an "R" at the end, not "-R" one, and I contacted support. The first one told me it was a refurbished one, told me to contact dealer (B&H) for replacement, 5 minutes later he told me was wrong, made a mistake and my unit was not a...
  3. -ZLV

    Mavic Pro Build Info - Serial Number?

    Am curious if DJI's Serial Number nomenclature for the Mavic Pro reveal any information around incept/build date, batch order or any other insight to the units' creation? Or where can it be found, if available? Anyone ?