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sf bay area

  1. Ziz ONE

    3 Maps, 0 Clues

    So the title is a bit misleading, I have somewhat of a clue to what i am looking at, but would really appreciate some guidance. I had three phone Apps, with somewhat sinilar yet different displays for my area. I know in general what is where in my area, like the international airport, the...
  2. M

    San Francisco Bay Bridge

    The best shots I managed to capture during a day trip to San Fran. Launched from Rincon Park, which is a legal airspace according to the FAA. Footage contains shots of the Bay Bridge, the water, and the SF skyline. Enjoy in 4K!
  3. G

    Hello all.....Newbie here.... Mavic Pro due in a couple of days

    Hello all. I have thought a long time, off and on, about getting a drone so I finally purchased one. I will actually be receiving it in a couple of days. That said, I have started to research where and how to fly it. I started with the FAA website to find out what the rules are and found them to...
  4. Skydog

    Greetings from SF Bay Area

    Hello All, I'm excited to get my Mavic as soon as possible. I'm planning on bringing it on a trip to Antartica at the end of the year.