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  1. B

    Can I fly a drone on my Canadian Work visa?

    I’m currently here on an IEC work permit, living in BC right now. I have a registered (in the UK) mavic 2 drone and I read that I have to have a SFOC certificate as I am not a permanent resident, but I am a temporary resident with an address, license, job. Does anyone have any idea to what the...
  2. A

    Canada Class D (SFC - 3000ft AGL) flight

    Hi, A question for you as I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Is it possible to fly a UAV (less than 1kg) commercially (pilot certified) under the SFOC exemption in a Class D airspace (SFC - 3000ft). I read somewhere that you could fly under 30m in those area but can't find it anymore...
  3. Cookedinlh

    More than the RULES changing in Canada!

    If you think the edict from Transport Canada is a problem for recreational fliers . . read the small print in their Staff Instruction 623-001. . . Anyone who has an SFOC likely skimmed over that Note: but I am working on achieving "COMPLIANCE" . . so I have actually been reading it.. . . and...
  4. K

    Applying for SFOC (Canada)

    For all you Canada flyers out there, do you know if you need to be a certain age to apply, and how long did it take you to get your license? I'm under 18 doing commercial videos for companies. Thanks.
  5. AlanTheBeast

    Canada: SFOC - anyone applied?

    Has anyone here applied for and received a Canadian SFOC?