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  1. A

    Mavic 2 Zoom shaky video <solved>

    Hello everyone. Im here to ask for advice. It's not just the video the feed from transmission looks shaky while hovering. Im using a sandisk extreme pro microsd, and used more than one with the same result. I have tried, different video settings/resolution/frame rates but getting the same...
  2. O

    Problem with shaky footage using the mini

    I recently found that all footage I took the last two weeks is extremely shaky. The issue seems to be much worse on anything that is close to the drone such as the trees to the bottom right side, but anything far away seems to be fine. I think it almost looks like a stabilization issue. Is...
  3. D

    Got the dreaded jello effect in cold weather. Hit some branches and then it was stable again.

    So I've been reading the forums and I know a lot of people get this jello effect when flying in sub-zero cold weather. Some say the drone needs to acclimatize before flying it. I didn't do that, I just took it out of my warm car and flew it straight away while sitting in the car. So it was out...
  4. D

    Need help, camera shake with no explanations

    Here's a video i shot to further explain what my issue is with my drone. I've tried messing with auto focus by switching it to manual, I've calibrated the compass and it says my gimble is in normal function... I've been messing around with it and haven't found any answers on forums so here i...
  5. celurae

    Footage 'shaky' when pitching gimbal

    Hi Guys, I got the feeling that my footage is really laggy when pitching down/up with the gimbal. once gimbal is in static position the videos seems alot smoother. It appears in almost all videos. Im not sure if this a wrong setting or something else. See uploaded test footage. ( please check...