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    Mavic 3 Cine Losing Jobs

    I love Mavics. So small and with the Mavic 2 we have something same quality as an inspire with more stability. I had all of them. I just got the 3 Cine and now have retired it from any paid jobs for several reasons. The main one, as you might guess is inability to operate safely in DLog. They...
  2. H

    Massive oversharpening

    I´ve seen some of the new Youtube reviews for the Mavic Pro 2. While they are all more like sales pitches and no real testing all the video footage was very ugly oversharpened like with the first MP. For those who don´t know the problem with the MP 1 see this: You couldn´t just turn the...
  3. G

    DNG - is it affected by sharpening settings?

    Has anyone done tests to see if the DNG raw image recorded by the Mavic is affected by the sharpening or noise reduction settings in the same way as video? Obviously being raw it SHOULD be but its already been shown the Mavic does process the DNG image in some cases such as D-log being selected...