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signal booster

  1. B

    Mavic Mini Signal Booster

    Hi guys according to my research, there have been studies for the pro version, such as JKSON5. Is there a way to amplify the signal for the Mavic mini ?
  2. rjrupp

    !!SOLD!!FOR SALE! Set of (6) DJI Mavic Pro 2 PolarES Lens Filters (ND8-ND32), A set of Landing Gear Stabilizers, And a SunnyLife Signal Booster

    Hey guys! Today I am selling my Filters, Landing Gear, And Signal Booster. Everything is BRAND NEW, in box, and ready to go. Lens filters- $30 (ND8, CPL, ND16, ND/16PL, ND32, ND4) Landing Gear- $8 Signal Booster- $8 Buy all three- The price is $38 Thank you for looking! ?
  3. F

    Mavic Mini signal strength boosters?

    Are there any clever ways to increase the signal strength for the Mavic Mini? The app frequently reports interference while flying. A couple of signal boosters show up on Amazon. Are those gimmicks or are they legitimately helpful?
  4. A

    DJI Mavic Pro 2 MAX RANGE TEST + Signal Booster Test | Northern IL

  5. V

    4Hawks SR Signal Booster on Tablet Holder

    We have finally made a bracket so you can mount your 4Hawks signal booster on your LifThor Sif Collapsible Tablet Holder - and still be able to collaps the whole setup in "the blink of an eye" We have the bracket you need for this on our webshop right now. Tablet Holder for Mavic |...
  6. 51 Drones

    Signal Boosters. Do they work for you?

    My Air just does not hold a signal as well as my MP. I bought some clamshell extenders, but had no luck. Do they actually work for anyone? I did find something that actually doubled my range though. Check it out:

    Mavic Pro Signal Booster!

    From the makers of the Original phantom series 3d printed Windsurfers Mavic Pro Signal Booster Windsurfer This light weight simple parabolic reflector will significantly increase your signal strength. Whether...