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signal errors

  1. Maxime B

    Battery Signal Error

    Hi Everyone ! I need your help ! I fly my Mavic Pro yesterday, he work very well, but 1 hour later when I want to fly again, the error "Battery Signal Error" pop up on my DJI GO APP. I cannot read any informations about the battery (percentage, volt, and all informations), and it's the same for...
  2. J

    Nexus 7 and Signal Loss and battery health

    Hi guys, New pilot here, first drone and first post. I got a Mavic and I love it so far. I am using a Nexus 7 wifi and I have been putting it and the phone in my pocket into airplane mode. I found out about Airdata UAV and uploaded my flight logs there. My main issue that was revealed is that I...
  3. D

    Signal errors

    Hi, I have noticed a lot of signal errors in airdata. Is the a problem related to the environment, the RC or my device (samsung S7 edge) Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones Thanks!