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signal lost

  1. D

    Help! Lost Mavic Air signal during Litchi Waypoint Mission, not seen again since! :(

    Hello brilliant people. Today I tried to use the Litchi App for the second time on my life. Guess what? after about a minute signal was lost and drone never returned home. I live on a small mountain and the waypoints are marked where terrain is ascending - see images 1+3 below. Also, I defined...
  2. S

    Lost signal

    During my 2nd flight with my Mavic 2 Zoom in the mountains into an open wide valley, I suddenly lost the connection to the drone at 176m (577ft). The picture on my mobile phone (Samsung S8+) was frozen and in black and white. I checked the cabel from the phone to the remote controll it...
  3. CarlosCN

    Lost communication AC M2Z with RC

    I lost contact with AC (M2Z) after ca. 500 m at 118 m altitude. Signal was lost after passing buildings on the route. Buildings are ca. 50 m height and 200 m away from my position. I have problably underestimated the influence of obstructions on the connection. I was flighing in a...
  4. R

    Mavic Air transmission signal lost and video lag

    Hello Friends, I am having many issues with mavic air and its just a weeks old. · Signal Transmission issue: VIDEO LAG AND GLITCHES, VERY BAD RECEPTION during flight and the aircraft also got disconnected after 800 meters RTH automatically activated but I was unable to control the...
  5. PhotoAdventures

    Few annoying issues on my Mavic Air

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so I'm gonna start with a little presentation of myself. My name is André and I'm from Portugal. I'm 26y old and recently I started following my dream of becoming a Landscape Photographer, I quit my 7-year job as a Meteorologist and since October 2017...
  6. A

    DJI App Disconnect From Phone - SOLVED - Funny!

    Ever have your app say its disconnected, video signal "apparently lost" Weird things like this.. Odd issues where it seems like the remote was unplugged but you never actually unplugged it. Do What I did.. remove the pocket lint from inside the connector. In my case it was a Samsung s8plus...