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Mar 26, 2017
During my 2nd flight with my Mavic 2 Zoom in the mountains into an open wide valley, I suddenly lost the connection to the drone at 176m (577ft). The picture on my mobile phone (Samsung S8+) was frozen and in black and white. I checked the cabel from the phone to the remote controll it everything does look good for me. The drone didn't react any more to the commands of the remote control. After 1-2 terribly long minutes the picture came back and I was able to control the drone again. I felt I lost at least 2 litres of water and the blood in my veins set a new lap record in my heart circulation. In spite of this terrible moment I flew on for about 10 minutes without any problems. When I analyzed the log of my Smartphone with Airdata in the evening, I noticed that only until the signal loss a log recording took place and for the minutes afterwards no more. I also found no abnormalities in the recordings.

I noticed that I might not be the only one who has this problem. It doesn't matter if it's a pro or a zoom, the difference is in the gimbal and not in the drone.

I found similar contributions here:

Mavic 2 Pro - RC connection issues
Mavic 2 Pro Flyaway

I don't want to post Facebook links here, but also in the several Mavic 2 groups out there I found 2-3 more entries there.

Ps.: Please forgive my bad English.

I saw those incidents also, hopefully it's just a rare issue or something that gets fixed with firmware. I'm starting to be glad I got both the dji care refresh and State Farm insurance haha.

And don't apologize for your English, it's better than most people's on here. Good enough that I thought it was your first language.
I posted something similar. Mine flew upwards into a tree while only hovering at 10 feet infront of a house. The log simply cut off at hovering at 10 feet. Very strange. And i reallllllly hope these bugs get fixed because overall I love the product. But the anxiety of uncertainty and lack of control is unsettling.
I had the same thing happen last week when flying on the CA coast. My video feed froze. At first I thought the drone was not responding but upon checking the controller information, it was indeed responding and flying. It just look like it wasnt responding because the video was frozen and in color. The app crashed with a frozen screen. I killed the app, restarted it and got video but with only half the screen turned 90 degrees. At that point I gave up and manually flew it home some 3000 feet. After shutting everything off and on again, everything returned to normal.

What I learned is this; Dont assume the aircraft is not responding, check the distance, height and speed on your controller and see if there is stick response.

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