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mavic 2

  1. TexasFlytography

    Aircraft side amplification of the TX/RX Stock antenna

    Just got her put back together. Birdside amp mod. Just need to properly mount the amp power source. Probably hook and loop tape. Also I need to use an adhesive to make sure the open cable from the Mavic antenna that is coming out from under the left arm, is impossible to accidentally un attach...
  2. S

    Brand new 2 Pro with DJI Care and extras

    I purchased this 2 Pro back in April for a trip to Banff Canada and Glacier National Park that unfortunately fell through due to surgery. This was easier to take then my Inspire. So this is up for sale. Mavic Pro 2 with 4 minutes of testing flight time on it. Comes with everything included in...
  3. B

    NFZ confuses me

    Over the past several months of being on here i have read many threads. The one here NFZ ? indicates that in an NFZ you cannot take off and you cannot even fly into it from a safe space takeoff. Many threads I’ve read where pilots are frustrated because they get an error and they cannot take...
  4. D

    How to get FCC Mode on Mavic 2 and any other DJI Drone

    Hey guys, I‘ve done an easy to follow tutorial on this topic: It was plenty of work so maybe you can let me know what you think;) Best Regards Daniel
  5. A

    DJI APAS mavic 2 pro Quickie

  6. S

    SOLD - DJI Goggles RE - New!

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased the DJI Mavic 2 Pro bundled with the DJI Goggles Racing Edition. I purchased directly from DJI.com. After realizing that the goggles are too clunky for me to travel with, I'm willing to sell them for a great price. I've only used the goggles twice, for about...
  7. quadroger

    Jura Cement Wildegg - Switzerland - jc (cement mill)

    Short video of the Jura Cement Mill - Wildegg - Switzerland
  8. B

    Mavic 2 Pro - broken landing leg, DIY part replacement?

    Hi, guys! I am usually not that impatient but I got my Mavic 2 Pro today. I was sleepy, I was impatient, I was stupid. Bottom line - I crashed it. The result are broken propellers and a broken landing leg on the front right arm. The LED's wires were cut but (I think) the antenna's wire was...
  9. Live LA

    New Enterprise Dual for sale

    New in box, no flights, not powered on...New, selling $2,300. firm, serious buyers please, DM me if you would like more info
  10. Live LA

    SOLD New in Box M2ED $2,300 Thank you for your interest.

    Hi guys, I have a factory new, never used, never turned on, in box Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual selling for $2,300. If your interested feel free to DM me. If you are a serious buyer I will take care of shipping in the US. Take care, best of luck
  11. pickett22

    Use SD card in Smart Controller vs Zoom

    Aloha, newbie here with quick question. The Smart Controller and Mavic 2 Zoom have external Micro SD Card slots - is one better than the other to record video? Can you have a card in each and change record locations on the controller once one fills up?
  12. G

    Hyperlapse problems

    Everytime I do a sunset hyperlapse something goes wrong and every couple of seconds the image turns darker, depending on the length of the hyperlapse it can happen a few times per hyperlapse. I will try to upload an example so you can see for yourself and help me fix this. I have all setting on...
  13. E

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro - External Battery (X2) Adaptor for Extended Flight Time

    Hello all, I have recently purchased the UAVmods Mavic 2 pro/zoom Dual power adaptor Ver.2. I'm conflicted with regards to which batteries to buy. Would appreciate very much recommendations from pilots who have undergone this mod for the best brand/amperage and recharging kit. Thanks a lot...
  14. Wanderlust_shot

    Highest take off altitude for mavic 2

    Hi, everyone. My name is david Im currently traveling in Bolivia ( the land where there are not drone regulations it all, expect for airports) Im about to take a trip to one of the mountains here in la paz ( huayna potosi/ 6094m) And i was wanting to do some shots of the top. I was...
  15. F

    FlyingBy "Dragon Stadium", Porto - Portugal

    Hello, The Estádio do Dragão (Dragon Stadium) is an all-seater football stadium located in Porto, Portugal. It is the current home stadium of FC Porto with a capacity of 50,033, making it the third largest football stadium in Portugal. Designed by Portuguese architect Manuel Salgado, the...
  16. M

    DJI Osmo Pocket on a Mavic 2 Pro - WILL IT FLY?

    When you attached an Osmo Pocket on top of the Mavic 2 Pro... equipments used to film this: Sony A7RIII + Sony 50mm F1.4 Zeiss Sony A7III + Sony 24-70 F2.8 GM
  17. F

    Aerial from Discoveries to the Tower... [Lisbon,Portugal]

    Hello, Here is some footage and photo that i've made this weekend with Mavic 2 Pro. please meet Monument to the Discoveries and Bélem Tower. 360 from Bélem Tower: The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | SkyPixel.com Keep in mind: In order to fly in this area you...
  18. K

    How to take a self portrait with mavic 2 without showing or having controller in my hand ?

    is there a way to a self portrait with Mavic 2 pro without showing the controller ? Any self timer mode etc ?
  19. M

    ICELAND WITH Mavic 2 zoom & Mavic Air

    Hi, check my youtube video of iceland shot with zoom and air!
  20. drakkor

    SOLD - DJI CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Monitor + Batteries Charger + MavMount 3.0 (blue) + PolarPro Crystalsky screen cover - SOLD

    Listing Description Up or grab, here is a DJI CrystalSky (7.85" High Brightness) monitor, along with some other awesome accessories I added in there, so you could enjoy flying right away with your quad. Created for outdoor aerial imaging, the CrystalSky monitor features an ultra-bright screen...