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mavic 2

  1. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro Canyon Run Videos shooting nighttime video for Solarmax LED in San Bernardino, CA 4K

    This nighttime video was taken for a client that manufactures LED lighting. This shoot began in the late afternoon and then ended up well into the late night.
  2. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro Canyon Run Videos making Good Money with our Mavic 2 Pro 4K

    Canyon Run Videos making Good Money with our Mavic 2 Pro 4K. We are having a great time making new business clients who enjoy our aerial video and photography work. Go get your FAA Part 107 certificate and you can do this too.
  3. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro Mavic 2 Pro video at Tehachapi Railroad Loop AGAIN!

    Canyon Run Videos always has a great deal of fun flying our Mavic 2 Pro and this video follows a freight train through the Tehachapi Railroad Loop located in California. Enjoy.
  4. J

    Mavic 2 zoom flyaway and crash seconds after take-off

    Hi all I have included the flight log for the info but last night I set up to fly my drone in Newcastle. I had 11 - 12 locked gps' and the home point was recorded. I did a compass calibration right before it too. I took off, and flew forwards towards the river then as I let go of the sticks...
  5. Yaros

    Why would anyone attempt this?! Guy flying way too high in the mountains!

    I found these videos (these videos are NOT mine) of a guy flying his Mavics way too high, I'm not talking about 500 meters max… He hacked the firmware and went so high that the height indicator glitched in an integer overflow and looped around into negative values… This is crazy! My question is...
  6. Altarus

    Flying drone in Finland in 2022

    Hi! Backstory : French, so used to the weird French regulations for drones With C-19, I barely fly my Mavic 2 due to living near Paris (a no, don't even think about it, fly zone) and that I didn't travel during the last 2 years. Back to present : Will travel to Finland (North, Oulu / Kemi...
  7. K


    Hello, my drone is mavic 2 pro, i use it over the last 2 years to create orthophoto, to capture the photos, i use the free app Pix4dcapture the last 2 years i was using it without any problems, the last week all the photos i took are very bright (probably out of focus?) on the left side is...
  8. R

    Mediapad M5 8.4 tablet and M2 controller fit

    Considering the Huawei mediapad m5 8" for my mavic 2 pro but I want to hear from users if it fits in the rc controller? Not interested in using holders or ipad alternative options. Thanks
  9. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 DJI Drones Compared: Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 Pro vs Air 2S vs FPV Drone

    This video has been in the works for a long time - it took over a month to film and edit, including multiple reshoots, and includes a ton of drone footage I've captured over the past few years. I'm pretty proud of it! The talking bits were filmed with the Action 2 and DJI Mic.
  10. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro This is Saguaro Lake, Mesa, Arizona

    We took this video clip in 4K D-LOG using a PolarPro ND Filter then edited it with Premiere Pro CC. Let us know what you think. Click the red button and the video will start! Have a GREAT day, Thanks :cool:
  11. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro This video clip is a re-edit since my video editing has been getting better over time

    I hope that the forum enjoys this new edit @CanyonRunVideos
  12. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro DJI Mavic 2 Pro flying a smooth pass over Laguna Lake Fullerton, California

  13. D

    Lowepro BP250 DroneGuard

    I am looking at getting a BP250 but can’t find one in a shop to check out before I do. Can anyone that has one tell me if it would be possible to fit a Mavic 2 and 3 spare batteries and controllers in at the same time if needed or would I need to get something bigger? This wouldn’t be all the...
  14. J

    Mavic 2 and Litchi FPV with a VR BOX

    I have successfully managed to connect Mavic 2 and Litchi FPV with a VR Box. I know this is not the ideal setup but great to be able to test screen sharing + VR Box with another phone etc. To get the best vision of course the Controller phone needs to be in the VR BOX so I had mistakenly...
  15. fragenstein

    (SOLD) DJI Mavic 2 PRO Combo w/ DJI RE Goggles + 5 Batteries + Backpack + ND Filters & More

    Up for sale is a barely flown DJI Mavic 2 PRO in mint condition - w/ some of the best upgrades & accessories already included which all fit nicely into a high quality travel backpack. The DJI RE goggles are pristine and really allows you to spot details you simply cannot see using your standard...
  16. R

    Selling Barely used Mavic 2 Pro Fly more kit

    Hello Selling my barely used Mavic 2 Pro fly more kit. The batteries have no swelling and have only about 10 charges on each of them. Batteries have also been maintained. Also included is some ND and Circ-ND filters as well. I am located in Canada but will ship anywhere using FedEx, or UPS...
  17. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Some crazy shots in the Faroe Islands

    Hope you all enjoy the video - some crazy shots in this one ! Drones used - DJI FPV and Mavic 2 Pro Would love to have you over on Youtube to join the adventure !
  18. M

    (ASKING) Mavic 2 Consumer vs Mavic 2 Enterprise parts

    Ask can i use mavic 2 consumer series replacement parts on mavic 2 enterprise series??? our company have mavic 2 enterprise, and recently it got crashed. some of the outer parts (motor arm) damaged. are the arms replacement for mavic 2 (pro/zoom) compactible with the mavic 2 enterprise...
  19. Netvise

    MAVIC 3 - ISO TEST 4K (Low Light) - Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire X5S

    Hi! Many people are interested in how the sensor works in Mavic 3. I compared Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire 2 X5S I shot everything on video for you. Enjoy watching and subscribe (I'm preparing a flight time test).
  20. S

    Crazy Idea for Remote Antenna

    **I understand this wouldn't be legal if flown outside of VLOS in the U.S. I am just wondering if it is possible, and I am looking for technical ideas on how to make it work. Where I live: The freaking tundra. It's cold, it snows, I'm frozen. What I want to do: Sit my *** inside by a fire...