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connection lost

  1. S

    Lost signal

    During my 2nd flight with my Mavic 2 Zoom in the mountains into an open wide valley, I suddenly lost the connection to the drone at 176m (577ft). The picture on my mobile phone (Samsung S8+) was frozen and in black and white. I checked the cabel from the phone to the remote controll it...
  2. Cutaway

    Almost lost my Mavic while ocean fishing

    Can some one help me "guess" what could've caused this near-miss incident (see attached KLM file). In a nutshell, I launched my Mavic Pro from the hand while ocean fishing on a boat. It flew great for about ~5 minutes...then it freaked out saying it lost connection and began to returned home...
  3. F

    Connection lost

    At a flight this evening I lost connection. RTH but didnt reconnect on the flight back. Was only approx 300m away. LED on controller turned red and stayed red. Never happened before. Phone I use has no SIM card and is only used for flying. There might have been some interference in this area but...