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  1. C

    Mavic Pro Emergency

    Hey everyone, I'm a Leaving Cert(IRISH A levels) student in Galway and one of the subjects I do is called Design and Communication Graphics. Each year there is a project worth 40% of the overall final mark. This year the project is to design a quad-copter drone. Most of the project is done...
  2. Amarand

    iPhone 8 Plus in Otterbox Symmetry Case

    So...just got my Mavic Air today, and realized that the iPhone 8 Plus in an Otterbox Symmetry case doesn't fit the Mavic controller (issues: the cable won't fit into the stand-off of the case, and the case won't physically fit.) So, there are options. The first being "don't use a case on my...
  3. Eyvindj

    Relative size of letterbox?

    UPDATED I have shot a short video in 2720x1530 @ 30p and have experimented with creating a letterbox as an overlay in iMovie in post in order to create a cinematic look to the video. The letterbox overlay was also done in 2720x1530, but I find that during the video the relative size in height of...