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  1. GFields

    Air 3 Skypixel ( ONLY POST LINK NOTHING ELSE )

    Post only the link to your Skypixel page. The below rules MUST be followed or your post will be deleted. 1. Post ONLY the Link, Nothing more. 2. No Commentary (everyone assumes you want subscribers and likes). You are welcome to use the "like" feature to let the user know you subscribed. 3. No...
  2. D

    Help - I deleted my video cache on DJI Go 4!

    Hi everyone New to the forum and hoping someone can help advise me. I think I have got myself into a right mess with DJI Go 4 and all my drone footage. I’ve been using the app with several mavics in the last few years, first a spark and then a mavic air. I have never downloaded footage to...
  3. C

    How to view Skypixel sphere panos on Goggles RE

    Besides the obvious use (FPV Mavic Air), I would like to view others' 360 panos using the goggles. I saw in multiple doc sources that "Sphere panos on SkyPixel can be downloaded to an SD card and viewed with Goggles". I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find out how to download...
  4. M

    Shared video files can’t exceed 500 MB

    Hi there, I don’t hace any computer for video editing, so I have so far used Skypixel, when I complete the video a message appears saying “Shared video files can’t exceed 500 MB” with a OK button, the video is not saved and no option to share it either. Anyone with this same probelm? Thanks...
  5. Viper

    Another Practice session

    I shot some video today still testing D-LOG with different settings. Here's an image I shot RAW and did some editing on PS. Exposure 1/100sec F-stop 1.4:) ISO 100 Focal Length 4.73mm Filter ND8 Polar Pro
  6. ___

    Export videos from DJI GO "Editor"?

    Hello All! I like the videos that the GO app creates, and how easy it is to tweak them to a quick and dirty finished product... but how do I export those videos? It seems I can "share" after I upload to skypixel but what if I don't want them on Skypixel, and I want it on Vimeo or Youtube, or my...
  7. D

    Can someone please explain sky pixel?

    I upload to sky pixel but the only time the views go up on my images are when I am online and on my image? When I go to my image then back to my profile the views go up anywhere between 3-20 each time?
  8. R

    How to Disable Skypixel Sharing in DJI GO

    Hi, long time listener, first time caller. I have a new Mavic Pro, and installed DJI GO/registered with DJI for the first time. I recall being prompted to allow sharing to Skypixel during the app install or registration. I had no idea what this was at the time, but assumed this would just...