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  1. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro High Tatras

    Hey guys, here is my latest vlog including some Mavic 2 Pro drone shots in the High Tatras mountains. The light was not the best but definitely an epic place to hike and drone :)
  2. P

    Mini My first two weeks with a drone. Nitra city, Slovakia.

    This is my first attempts to shoot drone videos (and one timelampse). I hope you will like it. I know I'm not a good pilot, I will be happy for every advice. Well thank you.
  3. Z

    Corona Virus - Empty City Videos & LOCKDOWNs

    Hey Guys, Im new here and I think, that here is missing some topic when is aerial videos from cities lockdown during corona virus situation. Here we can post aerial videos from empty cities during COVID-19. This view of the Slovakian capital city Bratislava shortly after the Central European...
  4. P

    fly-over the castle - mavic air

    Did a nice fly over the castle with sight seeing plane in view - got bit scared, lowered our height and followed the aircraft carefully to make sure it isn't going our way with finger on auto land if needed... the footage looks pretty interesting now...
  5. Member

    Bird attack killed the Mavic

    At least now he can have the jello repaired also. :)